Last week, Think Progress produced four pictures of protesters linking Obama or his health-care plan to Nazism.

The left-wing blog's work was dutifully reproduced by The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan to refute my contention that Pelosi had dishonestly and disingenuously said that townhall protesters were "carrying swastikas". If you look at the pictures, you'll see that the protesters were carrying anti-Nazi signs--not pro-Nazi signs as Pelosi indicated. That's an important distinction. But, to put it mildly, comparing your political opponents in America to Nazis is inappropriate--no matter if the comparison is made by Pelosi or left-wing talker Bill Press or Rush Limbaugh (in response to Pelosi's "swastikas" statement) or Andrew Sullivan who routinely compares those who support harsh interrogations of al Qaeda members to the Gestapo.

Now, Dave Weigel points out that the Obama-as-Hitler posters are produced by the group of many-times Democratic presidential candidate (and absolute nutter) Lyndon LaRouche.

About 35 seconds into this video, you can see one of the LaRouche cultists carrying a poster:

I don't doubt that there may be tens--nay, dozens--of conservative protesters out of the tens (hundreds?) of thousands who will attend Obamacare town-hall meetings this month holding signs comparing Obamacare to Nazism. It is still dishonest and disingenuous to claim that one protester carrying an Obama-as-Hitler sign in 10,000 is representative of the whole group. It is an especially dishonest talking-point when we don't know whether left-wing Democrats or right-wingers are carrying the signs.


Watch this video to see how much air time MSNBC has given the Nazi meme:

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