Last week, controversy erupted over the announcement of a British comedy that plans to make fun of Islamists:

A shock new comedy about bungling Muslim suicide bombers has sparked a storm of fury among people in Britain and has been criticised by relatives of one of the London terror attack victims.

The comedy titled ‘Living With The Infidels' features a five strong gang who plan to wipe out Bradford with a chemical bomb so they can all go to "Paradise". The comedy is to be posted on YouTube and already has a tribute page on Facebook.

One character called Psycho Ali shows off a device "to protect his manhood in the event of a suicide bomb" for when meets the 72 virgins promised to martyrs.

I've always maintained that comedy is a very effective way to show the utter bankruptcy of a radical ideology.

Here is a clip of a British comedy masterfully making fun of Nazis, from a British show called That Mitchell and Webb Look:

Like the Nazis, al Qaeda and Islamist terror groups have a plethora of ludicrous symbols and situations to mock. If Living With The Infidels approaches the cleverness and delivery shown in the clip above, it will be a wild success.

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