Ted Stevens (R-AK) needs all the friends he can get. He's the subject of a Justice Department investigation and he faces a real Democratic challenger for the first time in years. It's made him one of the top Democratic targets this year. But in a strong demonstration that Congressional appropriators are the third party in Washington -- and more united than both Republicans and Democrats -- Daniel Inouye (D-HI) is raising money for his re-election bid:
Putting their friendship above party, Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye (Hawaii) will headline a fundraiser today for one of the Democrats' top targets this cycle, Republican Sen. Ted Stevens (Alaska). Inouye, who chairs the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, on which Stevens is the ranking member, is the "special guest" at the noon event at 101 Constitution Ave. NW. According to the invitation, the lunch is organized by several high-profile lobbyists, including Stevens' former top aide, Lisa Sutherland. The fundraiser seeks $1,000 in contributions from individuals and $5,000 from political action committees to aid Stevens' bid for an eighth term this fall. Inouye and Stevens have long been allies and senior appropriators, and have reputations for putting their personal and working relationships ahead of party politics. In the 2004 cycle, Stevens similarly helped Inouye raise thousands of dollars for his re-election, which was not seriously contested.
It's good to know that some bonds are stronger than ethics investigations.
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