It's Ramadan, and 90,000-got that? 90,000-Muslims worshipped today at the Al Aksa mosque in Jerusalem. Will we hear all about it from Human Rights Watch? Will they find a minute to stop fronting for Hamas over there to acknowledge this fact? Will the Israel-bashing Amnesty International take note? What of the horrified UN? Will it answer for having remained silent about the amassing of Hezbollah weapons caches in Southern Lebanon by speaking up to congratulate the Israelis on their heroic efforts to protect religious freedom, even for those who would exterminate them? And speaking of exterminating, having been treated to Nobellist Tutu's conflating most vilely the Nazi annihilation of the Jews with the situation of Israeli Arabs, will we now be privileged to hear him-or for that matter any of the other outraged "Elders" with whom he has been travelling freely throughout Israel this week-mention that remarkable gathering on the Temple Mount?
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