As reported by Mayhill Fowler of bittergate fame:
Did Senator Obama know to whom he was speaking? Likely not. That's been his problem lately on the campaign trail--not knowing exactly where he was. He even made a joke about it in Hickory when he tried to recall where he had just met someone whose story he wanted to tell. "We were down in--where were we?" Quickly he came up with Winston-Salem, and everybody laughed. Monday in Wilmington, however, not only did he seem not to know Wilmington but the date and time, saying that it was "March" and "nine months to November." The fact that his audiences are largely composed of die-hard fervent loyalists usually masks this underlying dis-connection. But it's worth noting that Senator Clinton always knows exactly where she is and to whom she is speaking.
I can't believe Arianna hasn't muzzled this one yet, but again Fowler produces a story I haven't seen anywhere else: Obama doesn't know where he is and he doesn't know when it is. And why is he so disoriented? Could it possibly be that he can't take the pressure? No wonder only 23 percent of Democrats think he's "tough."
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