Arianna Huffington joins a parade of other lefties who've come to the defense of Van Jones now that the war is over and the battlefield already lost. Huffington's take is that the left owes a great debt to Glenn Beck, who should "have done everything in his power to keep Van Jones right where he was," but took him down anyway. "The job was not the best use of Van Jones," says Huffington. It took about six years for Republicans to become so deluded that they started spinning catastrophic defeats into counterintuitive victories. I take it as a very good sign that it took Arianna & Co. only six months to get to the same place. Van Jones may still pack 'em in at the Berkeley student center, but even on the left he will be toxic from this point forward. Back in the real world, Van Jones -- a self-avowed black nationalist, communist revolutionary, and proponent of the 9/11 Truth movement -- has done very real damage to this administration.
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