Something more than impoverishing small businesses and knocking off old people hangs in the balance of the president's speech tonight. The fate of Maureen Dowd's imaginary Obamic love life may rise or fall with it, as well. She knew from the start her fling with him would be tricky:
He was going to be the kind of guy who whipped you up and then, when you were all excited, left you flat, and then, when you were deflated and exasperated and time was running out, ensorcelled you again with some sparkly fairy dust.
(Whew! Not to be heterodox, but I'm doubting she needed to plagiarize Josh Marshall to get those words off.) So, will the president whip out his magic fairy dust and get her going again? Possibly not: Her man was Rocky, now he's Spocky, she complains. What happened? "President Obama is so wrapped up in his desire to be a different, more conciliatory, beer-summit kind of leader, he ignores some verities."
Sometimes, when you've got the mojo, you have to keep your foot on your opponent's neck. When you're trying to get a Sisyphean agenda passed, it's good if people in the way - including rebellious elements in your own party - fear you.
Those are the kinds of verities that can sweep a gal right off her feet. But it's not looking good for the home team: "If Obama didn't have a knife-thrower like Rahmbo in the Oval, Democrats would be totally convinced that the president would fold in a heartbeat." Uh-oh. Speaking of Maureen's heartbeats, has Rahm got some ensorcelling mojo of his own going here?
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