After running about a dozen stories in print and more than two dozen items online about Bob McDonnell's 20-year-old socially conservative graduate thesis, the Washington Post has decided to focus like a laser on revelations that Creigh Deeds expressed shockingly similar views on homosexuality during his 1999 run for State Senate. The Washington Post's Anita Kumar took time out of her busy day of transcribing DNC press releases and conference calls to get to the bottom of Deed's views on homosexuality and gay rights in the the sixth paragraph of a blog post today:
Those on the right are fighting back against a barrage of negative McDonnell coverage by circulating a 10-year-old Deeds campaign mailer on gays and lesbians in which he says "I don't believe in special rights for anyone."
You'd think that Kumar would have at least noted that Deeds explicitly said in the ad, in all caps, "NO SPECIAL RIGHTS FOR GAYS." Is there anyone in America who would find objectionable a statement of no special rights for anyone? But don't give up hope. It's always possible that the revelation that Deeds's campaign manager flatly said that "Mr. Deeds does not support gay rights" will erupt tomorrow in the third or fourth paragraph of a blog post by intrepid reporter Anita Kumar.
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