Human Rights Watch is in the bunker, imagining that their legions of supporters are out in the field just awaiting new orders, but the end is near. HRW's latest feeble attempt to push back on the true story of how they came to hire a wanna-be Nazi as their senior military affairs specialist consists of sockpuppetry. The commenters, whose IP addresses were traced back to Human Rights Watch, called the allegations against Garlasco "malicious and defamatory and borderline libelous," but they are not -- as evidence by this picture of Garlasco in some of his Nazi gear. Meanwhile, Garlasco has been stabbed in the back by one of his own. Helena Cobban, a member of HRW Middle East advisory committee, has weighed in on the controversy and declared that Garlasco's Nazi hobby "is bizarre, and disturbing." She goes on,
Even more so when you realize that a lot of the work he has done has involved dealing with Israeli officials and citizens, and analyzing the IDF's operations. It would be like employing someone to do child-protection work by day who goes home and collects pictures of naked or suggestively-clad children by night. For allegedly "artistic purposes".
Netanyahu aide Ron Dermer offered his take in the Jerusalem Post yesterday, telling the paper that "rather than defend the indefensible ties and statements of its employees, Human Rights Watch should restore its credibility as a human rights organization and help in the struggle to advance freedom and human rights around the world." But the lunatics are running the asylum. Who's going to fire Garlasco? The HRW staffer who celebrated the murder of eleven Israeli athletes at Munich? Or his boss, the HRW Middle East director, who went to Saudi Arabia to fundraise from regime officials with the groups record of doing battle with pro-Israel groups as the evidence of their good works? If this crew of HRW staffers issues another report on Israeli war crimes, they'll be laughed out of the room. But nothing can stop them from squandering the contributions of whatever donors remain at the organization. Even the Saudis could get more bang for their anti-Israel buck by donating to J Street.
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