Per our post earlier today on cap and tax, Jim Jeffries sends over this statement from Senator Lamar Alexander, the No. 3 Republican in the Senate:
"The current administration claims to be the most transparent in American history, yet it's been hiding a report showing its cap-and-trade energy plan would cost up to $200 billion every year. American families can't afford a new $1,761 yearly energy tax, and our economy surely cannot afford the 1-percent drop in productivity this big-government bill would cause. The best step we can take right now to lower energy costs, boost the economy, and clean our air would be to rely on a technology we created: nuclear power."
The construction of nuclear power would not have been incentivized under the House cap and trade bill that the House passed -- House liberals refused to allow nuclear power to be defined as a "renewable source," despite the fact that it emits no emissions. Alexander is one of the Senate's most outspoken advocates of nuclear power. He's speaking at the US Chamber this Monday where he'll be beating this drum some more, explaining how the rest of the world is passing us by using the nuclear technology we created and why that's dangerous both economically and in terms of our national security.
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