Here's the statement from Jon Kyl, the Republican leader on missile defense:
"The decision announced today by the Administration is dangerous and short-sighted. Not only does this decision leave America vulnerable to the growing Iranian long-range missile threat, it also turns back the clock to the days of the Cold War, when Eastern Europe was considered the domain of Russia. This will be a bitter disappointment, indeed, even a warning to the people of Eastern Europe. "Despite the fact that Poland and the Czech Republic have committed their soldiers to fight alongside U.S. forces in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, today the Administration has turned its back on these allies. "The message the Administration sends today is clear: the United States will not stand behind its friends and views ‘re-setting' relations with Russia more important. This is wrong! "What's more, the timing of this announcement, just as the Administration sits down with its Russian counterparts again on the START follow-on treaty, makes clear that the Administration ignored the input of senators of both parties who warned that linking START and missile defense would be ill-advised."
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