Here's what we'll get in return for unilaterally killing European Missile Defense: Russia will "consider other options" for dealing with the Tehran. During this morning's Q & A at the University of Pittsburgh, Medvedev said:
I do not believe sanctions are the best way to achieve results. Sanctions were used on a number of occasions against Iran but we have doubts about the results. Nevertheless when all instruments have been used and failed, one can use international legal sanctions. That is common…I think we should continue to promote positive incentives for Iran and at the same time push it to make all its programs transparent and open. Should we fail in that case, we'll consider other options.
They'll also continue to occupy US ally Georgia and send 300 series SAMs to the rogue regime in Tehran, but it's not like we needed European BMD as a bargaining chip or anything. Can't wait for the START II talks! Medvedev is going to eat Obama's lunch....
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