The Iranian military has test fired the Shahab-3, a ballistic missile that is capable of reaching Europe and is thought to be the delivery platform for a an Iranian nuke. The test has Western governments up in arms, and comes just days after news of a secret nuclear facility in Qom put the Obama administration in an awkward position of having to explain that, contrary to the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, Iran is indeed pushing forward with developing a nuclear weapon. Iran has conducted multiple tests of the Shahab-3 missile this year. Why conduct another just days after news broke of the secret nuclear facility near Qom, and just days before bilateral talks with the U.S.? Iran is openly flaunting its nuclear weapons program to the Western media, knowing that there is not the collective will at the United Nations Security Council to impose even moderate sanctions. The news of the Qom reactor was actually leaked by the Iranians, when they sent a letter to the IAEA to disclose the existence of the site. But the Obama administration will regardless carry out the bilateral talks starting on October 1, hoping that Iran will change its tune, when the Islamic theocracy shows no inclination of actually doing so. And while Iran flaunts its capabilities, the U.S. military in Iraq continues to release members of the League of the Righteous, the radical Shia terror group backed by Iran's Qods Force. More than 100 fighters have been released this year. In exchange, the Shia terrorists returned the bodies of three Brits kidnapped in early 2007. The three men were murdered by the group.
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