The other killer tidbit: "45% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary." I'm just curious how Team Obama and Andrew Sullivan are going to spin this beyond calling the good people of West Virginia a bunch of racists (I mean, even if they were in the Klan, presumably they get the same pass on that as Senator Byrd--because they're still Democrats). McCain gets all kind of grief because Ron Paul is able to pull in 10 percent of the vote in effectively uncontested primaries with low turnout. Add in Huckabee and Romney, and the presumptive Republican nominee often walks away with a "humiliating" 75 percent of the vote. So what happens when the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party pulls roughly the same numbers as Ron Paul? Then we go on to Kentucky where we see the same thing play out while Hillary is presumably able to keep things respectable in Oregon. And then on to Puerto Rico where Obama is also likely to get walloped. Tell me again how these late primaries are showing the "weakness" of McCain?
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