The overarching theme of this week's Sunday morning talk shows was the untimely death of Tim Russert. Each program's host had kind words, and Meet the Press dedicated the entire show to their show's fallen leader. If you have five minutes or so, check out this video celebration of the man's life, presided over by Tom Brokaw. On Face the Nation, Newt Gingrich made the case for Bobby Jindal's inclusion on the McCain ticket, and made quick work of the charges he is unprepared. "Look, Bobby Jindal, at 37, is fully as prepared to be commander in chief as Senator Obama. I mean, they--you could argue that in fact, Jindal's experience in the executive branch and the legislative branch, is greater than Senator Obama's experience. So it strikes me it's going to be very hard to explain that Jindal, as a governor who has served as an assistant secretary of Health and Human Services, has served as a Congressional staffer, has served as a Congressman, is not qualified, but Senator Obama is qualified. I mean, they can't work both ways." This Week featured an interview with Fred Thompson, who took issue with the Supreme Court's granting habeas corpus rights to enemy combatants. "What the court has done, in a nutshell, is to basically give access to our federal court system on a habeas corpus basis the same rights an American citizen would have. These are rights given to foreign enemy combatants, held in foreign territories, in a time of war. And not only is it an erroneous, I think, reading of the Constitution and historical precedent, it's bad policy. They basically have taken something that's been under the purview of the other two branches, the elected branches of government, for all these years and arrogated that to themselves." Meanwhile, Karl Rove appeared on Fox News and intimated that Obama's VP-selection committee troubles might not be over yet. One of the remaining members on the team is "Eric Holder … who green[lit] the Mark Rich pardon. In fact played an active role in helping make certain in the final days of the Clinton administration that this happened. That seems to me to present a problem."
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