Despite reports that the necktie is dead, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is doing his part to ensure the survival of those "lovely silken things" that hang around men's necks. In fact, some female MPs say he is taking his one-man mission to an extreme.
Nicolas Sarkozy's office sent a sleek black case to all MPs, male and female, including a pale grey tie. Socialist MP Aurelie Filippetti proclaimed it "yet more proof of male chauvinism in the political class". Others took it more lightly, gamely adding the ties to their outfits or even wearing them as headbands. Junior minister Nadine Morano -- one of Mr Sarkozy's most loyal staffers -- defended her boss's blunder by saying that "even for a woman, wearing a tie can be nice," the Guardian reports.
Instead of wearing them as headbands, I have a more lucrative proposal for gender-sensitive French MPs. Auction your pale gray ties on ebay, and donate the proceeds to charity. And perhaps next year, Sarkozy can make amends by distributing handbags or heels.
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