Joseph Lieberman was on Face the Nation, and the one-time Democrat explained just why he is so disillusioned with his former party and their presidential nominee. "My problem is with the party overall, for sure. In other words, this is a separation that has occurred mostly on matters of foreign and defense policy, where I feel very strongly that the party that I joined when President John F. Kennedy was its leader, a party that believed in progressive government at home and a principled, strong internationalist foreign policy, economic policy, pro-trade; that party is not represented by the leaders today. And that's why I decided to endorse Senator McCain. I did it last December, when all the candidates in both parties were there, and I did it for two main reasons. One is that John McCain is ready to be commander in chief on day one. He knows the world, he's been tested, he's ready to protect the security of the American people." Flip flopping is becoming a key part of the election cycle. On Fox News Sunday, Bill Kristol tried to guess the next evolution in Obama's beliefs. "The next big flip for Obama, and this will make Brit [Hume] even more astonished, will be on Iraq. He's going to go to Iraq, meet with General Petraeus, decide the surge is working, and walk back from his immediate, unconditional withdrawal. And all of the sudden it's going to be very careful, gradual, honorable withdrawal." Hugh Hewitt, meanwhile, wondered what impact Obama's lack of consistency will have on a key group of voters. "The Nation and the Huffington Post readers are very comfortable with Obama; it doesn't matter what he says, they're going to turn out in huge numbers. What's important is that middle. And what John McCain did in Lordstown … John McCain said, as he has always said, I'm a free trader. The way to persevere in the economic renewal of America is with free trade. He doesn't change, he doesn't shift." Meet the Press featured an interview with California governor and McCain supporter, Arnold Schwarzenegger. McCain, the governator said, "is terrific with the environment. He has been there four years ago and stood by my side when I talked about the environment, when I talked about the--fighting global warming and putting together a good energy policy and starting with the green building initiative or start building the hydrogen highway in California and the million solar roof initiative. He was there and he supported me on every step of the way, so he's the real deal when it comes to the environment."
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