Americans are more confident than ever that Obamacare will be repealed, according to the latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters. By a margin of 25 percentage points (54 to 29 percent), Americans now think repeal is “likely” (whether “very” or “somewhat”).

The same poll shows that, by a margin of 21 points, Americans are pleased with that prospect — as 57 percent favor repeal, while only 36 percent oppose it. Independents are even more supportive of repeal, favoring it by 24 points (57 to 33 percent), with only one in three independents opposing the repeal of President Obama’s signature legislative initiative.

Belief in the prospects of repeal has improved markedly over the past 17 months. In April of 2010, shortly after Obamacare’s passage, Americans thought repeal was unlikely — by a margin of 13 points (38 percent thought it likely, 51 percent thought it unlikely). Since then, we’ve seen a 38-point swing (from minus-13 percent to plus-25 percent) in favor of repeal’s perceived likelihood of success.

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