Prospective first ladies generally have a small staff on the campaign, including their own schedulers and hair stylists. Michelle Obama is no doubt the first to have her very own war room. I guess the campaign anticipates plenty more zingers from Obama's gaffe-prone wife, who has previously said she never felt proud of the country her husband longs to lead. Barack Obama has already proposed a number of renovations to the White House, including a basketball court in the basement and, more recently, the removal of a flat-screen television from the Lincoln Bedroom. Only now we get some insight into his wife's redecorating plans should she become First Lady. That flat screen and many others could end up in the East Wing, where swarms of communications operatives will monitor every word said about Michelle Obama and respond rapidly if necessary. To put this in perspective, just consider how nutty I'd sound if I were reporting that Laura Bush was starting up a war room. Hillary didn't even have her own war room back when she was first lady or her husband was running for president.
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