For the second time in a month, a lion of the Washington press corps has died. On Saturday, Tony Snow succumbed to the cancer he had battled for the last three years. Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace spent the entire hour eulogizing the founder of the show he now hosts, and we learned many tidbits (did you know that Snow could dunk a basketball? So sayeth Juan Williams). Bill Kristol said what a lot of us thought after hearing the bad news: "I always liked and respected Tony, but in the last three years I really came to admire him because of his incredible serenity and courage in fighting the battle he fought." Arnold Schwarzenegger was on This Week, and had some supportive words for John McCain's foreign policy. "I think that Senator McCain is absolutely correct to be honest with the people, and to look at them in the eye and say ‘I cannot promise you that we will not have some troops in Iraq in many more years from now. It could be a hundred years,' he said that. But then he says ‘look at what happened with Japan. How many years has the war been over, since 1945, second world war was over, and we still have troops in Japan. Germany, the war has been over since 1945: we still have troops there. We have troops all over the world so it would be a lie to say that there would be no more troops there. He is just saying it the way it is: it's reality. … I think that we have to win over there, I think it's very important to stabilize the middle east." On Face the Nation, Ed Gillespie said that some of those troops are coming home. "Well, Bob, as you know, this month … the initial return on success brigades, those five brigades that are coming home and have been coming home from Iraq because of the increased security there and the increased ability of the Iraqi government to handle its own security, and that is a process that was put in place and announced-- recommended to the president by General Petraeus, … we're in a period now where General Petraeus and General Odierno and other commanders in the field are evaluating the conditions on the ground as these troops have left, and they've always said that they would come back with further recommendations as to whether or not we can bring home more troops. Understand, it's always been the goal of this administration to bring troops home from Iraq, but to do so based on conditions on the ground and understanding that we do so based on success that allows for a stable Iraqi government to take root." Another McCain supporter, meanwhile, was busy cleaning up the mess made by Phil Gramm earlier this week when the former senator called America a nation of whiners. Said Carly Fiorina on Meet the Press: "Well, John McCain, after making the statement that you just played, was asked directly whether Senator Gramm would have a position in his Cabinet, and his response was, "Well, perhaps he'd make a good ambassador to Belarus, but I'm not sure the citizens of Minsk would welcome him." I think John McCain's been real clear that Phil Gramm wasn't speaking for him and, in fact, John McCain has said now for many months that he believes the economy is in a recession. It's clear Americans are hurting. They're hurting when they fill up their car with gas; they're hurting when they go to the grocery store."
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