Now that the Democrats say there's only one America, they're holding two conventions. The first Democratic Convention is on the second and third days and will feature the Clintons, and the second Democratic Convention will take place on the first and final day and will feature the Obamas. The Clintons have hijacked the Democratic Convention, banishing Obama from the Pepsi Center. In failing to unite the party, to give her supporters "catharsis," the Clintons have left the Democratic Party more divided than the Republicans. According to Rasmussen, "Obama is supported by 77% of Democrats while McCain earns the vote from 85% of Republicans." Does anyone else think its ironic that in a "change" election, a full 50% of the Democratic Convention will feature people who were in power over a decade ago? Bill Clinton may have received a rock-star reception at the 2000 Convention, but it seems that people may be throwing food, not applauding, this go around.
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