The Mile High city isn't noted for its living arts, but it is home to a production called Iraq War: The Musical. I'd love to see it, but unfortunately performances are suspended this week and won't resume until Friday. But to give you a taste of what it seems to be about, here's the promotional squib:
A Denver original musical comedy based on the true story of the false stories. All the lies, war-profiteering and hidden history behind the war in a nice, funny, singing and dancing package! The Bush administration faces many obstacles to get their never-ending war going, but they've got a few tricks up their sleeves! Whether they're keeping Americans in fear, making false connections, dealing with the pesky United Nations and press, keeping their contractor buddies rich, or taking care not to catch Osama, these rascals have plenty of things to keep them in a world of crazy high jinks! And Saddam, Osama and Blair are along for the wacky ride! You never will have laughed so hard at something which makes you so angry. It's therapeutic! It's the cure for DNC fever! It's Iraq War, The Musical!
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