Last night Hillary Clinton spoke at the Democratic Convention, and technically threw her support behind Barack Obama. But bloggers agree with Real Clear Politics's Tom Bevan, who says that while she hit "almost all the right notes tonight...she did not say Obama was ready to be Commander in Chief." Townhall's Matt Lewis says, "She endorsed Obama--but she didn't embrace Obama ..." TNR's Jonathan Chait explains that "she did not say anything positive about Obama as a person. Her reasons for supporting Obama were all ways of saying that Obama is a Democrat." Townhall's Hugh Hewitt thinks the Obama camp might not be thrilled with her speech because "Hillary was looking great and communicating one message: But for our crazy rules, I'd be the nominee and we'd be 15 point ahead." Ace explains, "So she's announcing 'Yeah, I'll do the minimum required of me, but gee, if you wanted me to be an attack dog, you should have made me Veep, and if you wanted my full support of the Democratic nominee, you should have made me the Democratic nominee.'" And at The Corner, Rich Lowry concludes, "Nothing she said tonight will be incompatible with what she'll want to say if Obama loses in November: 'Told you so.'" Still, Power Line's John Hinderaker notes, "She was intensely annoying. You could just about hear the sound of television sets clicking off all across America. Good night, Hillary." For the record: The orange pantsuit looked fantastic, especially against the blue backdrop, and Hillary's never looked better--the infamous bags under her eyes are gone!
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