Regarding living Americans involved in politics whom Hillary Clinton referred to in her speech, in order of mention and excepting Obama and of course the despised (by Democrats) Bush and her own husband Bill, here is how she described them: --Michelle Obama will be "a terrific partner" for her husband and "a great First Lady for America." --Joe Biden is "a strong leader and a good man," besides being "pragmatic, tough, and wise." --Jill Biden is Joe's "wonderful wife." --John McCain is "my friend." And how did Hillary describe Barack? What adjectives did she use? Which nouns? She didn't say Obama is a "terrific" or "great" or "wonderful" person or would make a "terrific" or "great" or "wonderful" president." She didn't say that he's been "a strong leader" in the Senate. She didn't say he has proved himself to be "pragmatic" or "tough" or "wise". She didn't say he is "my friend." Nor did she use any other nouns or adjectives in describing Barack, save for her silent inclusion of him in her reference to "a great team for our country" made up of the foursome of Barack and Michelle, and Joe and Jill. Even so, Hillary declared herself "a proud supporter of Barack Obama"--just as she has always been and always will be of any Democratic nominee for President. I'd say the distance remains, an ominous sign for Obama as he tries to close the deal this fall with skeptical Hillary supporters.
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