Tony Campolo is a rare bird indeed--an evangelical Protestant who's also a Democrat and pro-life. He was on the platform committee and worked on the plank dealing with abortion. At yesterday's meeting of pro-life Democrats, Campolo was introduced as the committee member responsible for the new language endorsing the goal of "reducing abortion." He said that he'd first proposed the term "abortion reduction," but there was objection from the pro-abortion rights types who dominated the committee. So he countered with "reducing abortion." Campolo said he didn't know why abortion reduction was a problem for the pro-choicers since "reducing abortion" means the same thing. Campolo also talked about what he failed to get in the abortion plank, among other things a statement that abortion involves serious moral issues. He told the committee that both Obama and Clinton make this point when discussing abortion (Obama as recently as during his Saddleback Church joint appearance with McCain; listen closely tonight). After the meeting I caught up with Campolo and asked him why he thought the committee balked at including a statement already approved, you could say, by Obama and Clinton. His answer: The abortion rights advocates "thought that what we were trying to do was to make a negative judgment or condemnation of a woman's decision to have an abortion."
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