Was there something inconsistent in McCain's naming Governor Palin to his ticket after making much hay out of Barack Obama's not being ready to be president? I don't see it. Most of us McCain-Palin supporters think Senator Obama is ready and qualified to be vice-president, as is Governor Palin. For a particularly fine discourse on the subject of experience, you should read the blog of the distinguished Harvard law professor (and occasional Weekly Standard contributor) Bill Stuntz linked to by John McCormack in the post below. Stuntz is not soft on Palin . . .
Clearly, her résumé is thin, maybe disqualifying. Perhaps the jobs she has held are too small to count in a national presidential campaign. But that isn't obvious, not yet anyway. What matters more, to me and I bet to more than a few others, is what she's done in those jobs.
But he is judicious and fair. Read the whole thing. Also, for those not already readers of the site, check out the extensive discussions of the Palin choice at the Ashbrook Center's No Left Turns blog. Peter Augustine Lawler, also an occasional Weekly Standard contributor, reports from the annual American Political Science Association meeting in Boston:
It's impossible to overemphasize how happy the various kinds of social conservatives are here at the convention about the choice. I won't name names, but I'm including famous professors at leading institutions. Many of them have never really liked or trusted McCain. Strangely enough, they trust her. And they now trust him more.
More of his observations here.
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