From Political Radar, "Huckabee Strikes Partisan Tone at RNC; Blasts Biden, Defends Palin" by whoever at ABC has to write Political Radar Since I'm a Romney guy, Huckabee once had an unerring ability to get under my skin. But now that we've all come together under the same happy big tent, I must say it is great to be playing on the same team.
"She knows where she stands on issues that are important to so many of us," Huckabee said of Palin. Huckabee, a former Baptist minister, won the Iowa Republican primary in 2008 and garnered a lot of support from Christian evangelicals throughout the GOP primaries. "When life begins and how to treat it, how to respect it how to embrace it, how to elevate and celebrate every human life. And I'm so grateful that Sen. McCain has added not only to his extraordinary consistent record of voting for life issues but to put someone on the ticket and team with him who will uphold and share those values and those important principles that mean so much to us. "Over the past few days we've been hearing all this stuff about how Gov. Palin doesn't have experience let me tell you something - I can assure (you) having been a governor myself for ten and a half years, she's had more executive experience in 2 years than her counterpart Joe Biden has had in all the years that he's been making speeches because she's been making decisions he's been making just simple speeches," Huckabee told the crowd. "In fact I don't know if you realize this but Sarah Palin got more votes running for mayor in Wasilla, Alaska than Joe Biden did in two quests for the presidency. That oughta tell you something. I'm proud of her record as a reformer as a leader somebody who believes in something that's right and I'm gonna tell you something - if the press believes that they can try to somehow move any of us in any direction by trying to smear her daughter, boy have they picked on the wrong bunch of people because I want you to understand, some of the chattering class still don't quite get it. We appreciate a mother who gives the unconditional love and support that a daughter needs, deserves and would want to have. And she has only affirmed our own appreciation for Sarah Palin."
Political Radar then helpfully added, "Huckabee himself is an ardent opponent to abortion rights." There's a newsflash! Exit thought - why do I suspect Mike Huckabee knows more about the Evangelical community than the Washington Post's Sally Quinn who blindly speculated (in the spirit of top-shelf journalism) that social conservatives would throw Sarah Palin under the proverbial bus because of Bristol Palin's pregnancy?
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