Sarah Palin is a pro-life, social conservative. And she attends churches that scholars of evangelicalism usually label as evangelical--a non-denominational church in Juneau and an Assemblies of God church in her home town of Wasilla. So you can see why evangelical leaders (such as James Dobson) have suddenly decided to back John McCain: she fires ‘em up. Ironically, Palin's status as an evangelical apparently didn't figure much in her campaign for governor. This is what Kaylene Johnson, author of the new book Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment on Its Ear tells Beliefnet's Dan Gilgoff in an interview. "I would not say I was sort of amused [by Palin's rollout as a family values candidate] because she is a family person and is not shy about saying so," says Johnson. "But it's not something used in her campaign. Her campaign was really about her call for ethics in government." For more on what Palin's apparently first biographer knows about McCain's running mate, read the the whole thing.
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