Obama did get something done as a community organizer!
It was the first step in an informal partnership between Obama's constituents and Friends of the Parks that led to renovations and increased security in a handful of far South Side parks and playgrounds. Ensuring that swings have seats and sandboxes are free of glass might not seem requisite skills for a man who could be president of the United States. But associates say Obama's approach to the unglamorous task illustrates his style as a community organizer - an experience he cites as "the best education I ever had," qualifying him to unite a racially and socially fractured nation and "create change from the bottom up."
As the great Tom Maguire notes, Obama can now return to belittling Wasilla. Also, please take note of the characteristic solipsism. Theoretically, Obama was supposed to be organizing a blighted community, blazing the way towards brighter days. All the community got out of the deal was some swing sets and sandboxes. But Obama got the best education he ever had. Advantage Obama!
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