From the New York Times, "Hanging on to Biden's Every Word" by John Broder The New York Times finally has noticed that a garrulous gaffe machine serves as Barack Obama's running mate:
(Biden's) a human verbal wrecking crew. This is the fellow who nearly derailed his nascent presidential campaign last year by calling Mr. Obama "articulate and bright and clean," and who noted that a person needed a slight Indian accent to walk into a Dunkin' Donuts or 7-Eleven in Delaware, his home state. The man who, reading his vice-presidential acceptance speech from a teleprompter, bungled Mr. McCain's name and called him "George." ("Freudian slip, folks, Freudian slip," he explained.) The man who, on the day Mr. Obama announced him as his running mate, referred to his party's presidential nominee as "Barack America" and noted that his wife, Jill Biden, a college professor, was "drop-dead gorgeous" but, problematically, possessed a doctorate. The man who has said he is running for president (not vice president) and who confused Army brigades with battalions. Who referred to Ms. Palin as the lieutenant governor of Alaska. Aides to Mr. Obama said that Mr. Biden's propensity to misspeak could pose problems, particularly in the vice-presidential debate on Oct. 2. They are watching his performance but have not tried to rein him in. They have assigned two veteran minders to travel with him - David Wilhelm, a former Democratic National Committee chairman, and David Wade, a former spokesman for Senator John Kerry.
Only two aides to put together this verbal Humpty Dumpty after his various and many falls? Wilhelm and Wade promise to be the busiest guys in politics the next seven weeks, unless the Democrats smarten up and remove Biden to a secluded location for the duration of the campaign. (Lefties in the audience, please take note - it's possible to write about politicians that you don't support without using words like "despicable," "evil" or other terms that suggest you're a human bile machine. The anger's a turnoff. If you don't believe me, check out the polls.)
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