Barack Obama pledges on his website that his administration will:
Develop and Deploy Clean Coal Technology. Obama's Department of Energy will enter into public private partnerships to develop five "first-of-a-kind" commercial scale coal-fired plants with clean carbon capture and sequestration technology
But in Ohio, Biden was asked by a voter: "Wind and solar are flourishing here in Ohio, so why are you supporting clean coal?" Biden replied: "We're not supporting 'clean coal.' Guess what. China's building two every week. Two dirty coal plants. And it's polluting the United States. It's causing people to die. ... China is burning three hundred years of bad coal unless we figure out how to clean their coal up. Because it's going to ruin your lungs and there's nothing we can do about it. No coal plants here in America. Build them, if they're going to build them over there make 'em clean because they're killing you." Watch it:
Hat tip: Huffington Post
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