Sen. Joe Lieberman on Hannity:
I think this is a great act of leadership by John McCain, this is the guy I've come to know and love for 20 years here in the Senate, over and over again when there's a problem not being solved he gets in the middle of it. And I'll tell you that this thing will not be solved, and there won't be an agreement, without John McCain and Barack Obama here. Maybe McCain can do it on his own--it'd be unfortunate. I repeat what I think I said earlier. Harry Reid said to me, "I'm not going to pass this bill without Republican support and I need John McCain's help." I gather Harry just said that John McCain suspending his campaign is a stunt. It's not a stunt, it's an act of leadership without which this problem will not be solved in the right way, so I'm proud of my guy and I'm glad he's coming back to work here, that's what the people want
Newt Gingrich:
Today John McCain showed what it meant to put country first. He put everything on the line to try to put together a bipartisan sizable economic package to replace the failed Paulson bailout package. This is the greatest single act of responsibility ever taken by a presidential candidate and rivals President Eisenhower saying, ‘I will go to Korea.' Every House and Senate Republican should join him in seeking the best ideas and the best solutions from across the country.
Gov. Arnold Shwarzenegger:
There is nothing more important to Californians and the American people right now than the state of our economy. This is about the jobs, paychecks, and retirement plans of my constituents. This crisis will not be solved with finger pointing, political posturing, or campaign slogans. This is a time for unity and leadership, not politics and partisanship. I commend Senator McCain for suspending his campaign and returning to Washington to help Congress take the quick and decisive action needed to put America's financial sector back on track.
Rep. Barney Frank:
"I think it's the longest Hail Mary in the history of football or Marys."
Sen. Mitch McConnell:
"That's really an outstanding idea. The threats to Americans and their homes, savings and retirements are really not a partisan problem, and it won't be fixed with a partisan approach."
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