It's Joe Biden spokesman David Wade's thankless job to defend his garrulous gaffe-master of a boss. Here's Wade in action:
"Joe Biden is getting the job done every day, and I guarantee Joe Biden will be Mr. October. He's a closer. He's the vice presidential nominee you want slugging it out in the late innings when proven campaign skills, intestinal fortitude, expertise, and experience matter most. In a big issue election where the small bore ghosts of elections past seem trivial, this is about substance not splash, steak not sizzle."
Obviously, Mr. Wade gets paid by the mixed metaphor. Shouldn't Biden slug it out in the late rounds rather than the late innings? And don't closers pitch rather than slug? Ow - my head hurts. And my heart goes out to poor David Wade, the most underpaid man in America regardless of whatever financial remuneration he receives.
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