If you've been reading the Arts section of any newspaper, you've probably read about Damien Hirst's auction at Sotheby's, (in)famous for bypassing galleries and dealers and for racking in so many pounds-111.5 million, to be exact. Hirst named the show "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever," but Lee Rosenbaum had it right when she called it "Beautiful Inside My Wallet Forever." Even if you think Hirst's work is subpar, you have to admire him for his gall and genius when it comes to getting people to pay so much money for his work. And now, to rake in even more money and build his name even further, Hirst is opening a shop in London right next to Sotheby's where the big auction happened. The shop will be run by Other Criteria, Hirst's publishing and merchandising company, and open on October 6. If you can't make it to London and are just dying to break your piggy bank to smithereens, you can buy a silkscreen of "For the Love of God" (the diamond-encrusted skull) for 10,000 pounds, or an 18-carat gold charm bracelet jingling with casts of pills for 25,000 pounds. But, alas, in an age when our American piggybanks are going on a major diet, it looks like the 15 pound postcard set is a bit easier to stomach--if you want to support Hirst, that is.
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