Sarah Palin discussed Bill Ayers and Obama's abortion extremism with Laura Ingraham yesterday:
Palin's attack on Obama's votes against the born-alive infants protection act is pretty effective, but she says: "It's very appalling and I think if more Americans could understand absolutely how extreme that position is, there would be a heck of a lot more outrage." Maybe more Americans would understand if Sarah Palin talked about this issue--perhaps including Obama's pledge to federally fund abortions--in her stump speech? Also, Ingraham asks what's the first thing Palin will do for the pro-life movement, and Palin replies that she would serve as a strong pro-life example who's walked the walk. Allahpundit suspects pro-lifers want more, but I don't know what exactly Palin could do in an office worth the proverbial bucket of warm spit to stop abortion (aside from, perhaps, holding McCain's feet to the fire if he ever thought about going soft on a Supreme Court nominee--but that's not something she can exactly talk about on the radio).
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