Here's senior Obama military adviser Maj. Gen. Scott Gration (Ret.), to The New Yorker's Nicholas Lemann:
Gration was impatient with the idea that conflict is the natural state of the world, to be managed rather than resolved. "People are more alike than their cultures and religions," he said. "When Obama talks about global citizens, it's the same framework. You see, religion and culture - they're the way people communicate their values. They want stability, order, education. This is just humanness. Then you add on your religion, your culture - that's how you execute it." His implication was that if we can get past the religious and cultural identities that serve as host organisms for conflict, and deal with people at the level of their humanity and their basic needs, then we can make real progress - especially if Obama personally holds an office that permits him to set the tone and lead the effort.
Coming soon to an Oval Office near you: the return of Kumbaya foreign policy.
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