Not that this is news to conservatives, but it's still worth reading Howard Kurtz's column in today's Washington Post, in which he states, "If anyone doubts there is a liberal entertainment establishment, it has been vividly on display" during this presidential campaign. Kurtz then compares Obama's treatment at the hands of Ellen Degeneres (who asked the senator tough questions like, "Michelle was on the show, and she was talking some smack about your moves") with McCain's appearance on Ellen: "DeGeneres chided him on the issue of gay marriage, saying, ‘It just seems like there is this old way of thinking that we are not all the same.'" (Both candidates in their recent debates openly opposed gay marriage.) Kurtz then goes on to make similar contrasts on shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman and The View. (Barbara Walters tells Obama, "Maybe we shouldn't say this. We thought you were very sexy." Joy Behar calls McCain a liar.) According to the Center for Media and Public Affairs, Kurtz reports, "the McCain ticket was the target of 475 jokes by Letterman and Leno from Sept. 1 to Oct. 24, while the Obama ticket was zinged just 69 times.... McCain just can't catch a break in the pop culture wars." Not that this is news to conservatives.
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