In the first part of Sarah Palin's interview with Matt Lauer, Palin highlights a few reasons why the Republican ticket was defeated: the loss of the Hispanic vote, Obama's fundraising advantage, and anti-incumbency sentiment. In light of her remarks about the Hispanic vote, Allahpundit observes: "If you think she's going to jettison her position on amnesty now that she's free of Team Maverick's clutches, I think you're kidding yourself."
In the second part of the interview, the governor prepares dinner as she, husband Todd, and daughter Piper answer Lauer's questions. Quite a talented multi-tasker. I think the most interesting part of this clip comes toward the end when Lauer asks Palin about the campaign's strategy to limit her contact with the press. While Palin says she won't discuss the strategy, she admits, "You can't just assume that the voters are going to guess ... and assume what a candidate's positions are or what their plans are. You have to be able to speak with them. And you do that through the media. That's the way the system works." Indeed. Palin gets it.
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