A must-read on last night's mayoral debate in Memphis, Tennessee:
Of all the mayoral debates and forums that have been held so far this campaign season, perhaps the most bizarre was the one sponsored Tuesday night at the University of Memphis' Rose Theatre by the NAACP. Three of the 12 candidates on stage were textbooks definitions of the weird and eccentric. One of those candidates was Leo Awgowhat, who explained that he had a multiple personality disorder and was living off government "crazy checks." (At birth he was known as Jason Wells.) If his chosen - and now apparently legal - last name sounds like part of a familiar knock-knock joke with a profane punchline, it's because it is. The T-shirt he wore Tuesday night (next to a somewhat grossed-out and ultra-serious Randy Cagle) all but spelled out most of the punchline: "Go --k Yo-rself."
More pictures and quotes from the candidates at the link:

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