Jon Stewart dings CNN. Pawlenty proposes health care changes that would allow for-profit and out-of-state insurers to do business in his state. Because the changes might actually bring an Obama talking point-"more competition"-to fruition, and maybe actually lower prices, Democrats are predictably annoyed. Read about your $507 billion in new taxes, in the Senate Finance bill, with $15 billion squeezed from the sick and disabled. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. The decline of Klein: Acting in America's national interests is "brutal neo-colonialism." What we can learn from Sully's journey. For one thing, he's more humble in the face of saving an entire plane of lives, single-handedly, than Obama is for "saving or creating" approximately zero jobs. Are the GOP's women its way forward? As long as Liz Cheney's on the list... Health insurers have stopped playing footsie with the administration long enough to protest against the government-orchestrated demise of their entire industry. The media and the administration find this will to survive disgraceful and selfish. The Massachusetts preview: "So now Beacon Hill is contemplating far more drastic spending-control measures, such as a plan to 'require residents to give up their nearly unlimited freedom to go to any hospital and specialist they want,' as the Boston Globe reported on Sunday." The Nation thinks Obama's whining too much. I repeat: The Nation thinks Obama's whining too much.
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