The Huffington Post has retracted two quotes author Jack Huberman falsely attributed to Rush Limbaugh. Huberman wrote on the liberal website in 2006 that Limbaugh said James Earl Ray "deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor" and that Limbaugh praised slavery because "streets were safer after dark" back then. The HuffPo's Mario Ruiz did not reply to an email asking if Huberman had backed up other quotes in the piece. But still, retracting the false quotes of Limbaugh praising slavery and James Earl Ray puts them a step above CNN's Rick Sanchez, who cited the slavery quote on Monday and has not yet issued a retraction and apology. Nation Books, the publisher of Huberman's book in which the quotes may have first appeared in print, hasn't issued a retraction. And neither has the Center for American Progress. In September, blogger Amanda Terkel wrote that it was "unlikely" that Limbaugh would condemn a hate crime because
in the past, he has praised slavery, said that James Earl Ray deserved the Medal of Honor, and claimed that "all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson."
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