Steve Hayes and Andrew Hayes correct the record on Brett Favre. Bibi shouldn't take it personally, Ben-Ami thinks his own father is a terrorist." What he meant to say. Former Secretary of State George Shultz on communicating with Iran:
People say we didn't communicate with Iran, but we did. When Iran was messing around with Kuwaiti shipping, you remember, we re-flagged the Kuwaiti tankers so we could protect them, and when the Iranian president was at the United Nations, giving a speech saying the last thing Iran would do would put a mine in the Persian Gulf, our Navy was taking a picture of them doing it. And then we boarded the ship and we took some mines off for evidence, took the sailors off the ship, sank the ship, took the sailors to Dubai and said to the Iranians, come and get your sailors and cut it out. Now, that was communication. (Laughter.)
Joseph Abrams on the most powerful writer since Julius Caesar.
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