The race for New York's 23rd Congressional district has fast become a political pundit's dream. Sarah and Rush, Glenn Beck and the rest of the Republican right "have basically hung out a moderates need not apply sign" says former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. In the 23rd, a Republican stronghold for more than a century, Palin and company successfully forced the GOP candidate, Dede Scozzafava, out of the race in favor of conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman (who doesn't even live in the district). Scozzafava's crime apparently was that she was not Republican enough; conservative on some issues buta supporter of abortion rights and gay rights. So off with her head! "I have stood for our honest principles and a truthful discussion of the issues," she said as she endorsed her Democratic rival, "Even when it cost me personally and politically." The price she paid raises a key question -- is the GOP tent becoming too small for a "discussion of the issues?" The pundits of all stripes are having a field day.
1. Doesn't live in the District. gerrymandered 10 miles outside of the District. He's lived here his whole life and has businesses inside the District. 2. "off with her head!" card-check, cagey about remaining a Republican if she won and faced a GOP primary in 2010. 3. "honest principles and truthful discussion"
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