And stop talking about what a lousy hand you were dealt by your predecessor. You're the president of the greatest nation on earth, now, not he. "One year ago Americans all across this country went to the polls and cast ballots for the future they wanted to see." You don't happen to be the future I wanted to see, but okay, you asked for this job and you've got it. "We had record deficits, two wars, frayed alliances around the world." So? We still have record deficits, two wars, and frayed alliances around the world. And 10 percent unemployment for the first time in 26 years--on your watch. So? We know this job is terribly hard: we have only to look at the graying of presidential heads over time-your own included-to get it. So? Time to stop acting like a hipster recoiling in offended disgust over someone else's embarrassing blunders. Stop taking your orders on Iran from the U.N. Be manly and do your part with the minimum of accusation. All too soon all the blame will rest on your own elegant shoulders.
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