What's the honorable thing for a father to do after he's murdered his daughter in an "honor killing?" Faleh Hassan Almaleki, an Iraqi immigrant to the U.S., ran his 20-year-old daughter down with his car a couple of weeks ago because she'd become "too westernized," and then tried unsuccessfully to flee the country. He is now-after learning that she died of her injuries this week-on suicide watch in a Phoenix jail. Interesting. Is he so remorseful over her death that he'd kill himself? Or is it the fear of certain prosecution? Mr. Almaleki and his family have been living in this country for over a decade. We cannot know for sure why they chose to come here rather than remain living under the Husseini tyranny, but it's not unreasonable to speculate that this western society offered them something-freedom?-they couldn't have there or in any other equally repressive society. That he offered his daughter this freedom and then took her life in that most inexplicably horrifying act of primitiveness for accepting it is what's shameful, not the "shame" she brought on her family by having a boyfriend not of her father's choosing. This is America, not Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, where such things are all too common.
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