While traveling last week, I didn't get a chance to read Eric Alterman's review of The Persecution of Sarah Palin in The Nation (Michael Goldfarb wrote about the review here). is disappointed in my colleague Matthew Continetti. You see, when Matt wrote a book about corruption within the Republican party, he was speaking truth to power and being awesomely awesome. "Even a casual student of American politics will notice some rather odd omissions," writes Alterman. "[D]id you know that to this day Sarah Palin has never held a single full-fledged national press conference with actual professional political reporters?" CBS News reported on October 17:
"For the first time since becoming a candidate for the vice presidency in late August, Sarah Palin held an on-camera press conference with her full travelling press corps on the short flight from Ohio to Indiana this afternoon."
In fact, Sarah Palin was more accessible than Joe Biden toward the end of the campaign. One reporter wrote that Palin had evolved from being "the least accessible to the most accessible of the four candidates."
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