Tarek Fatah writes in the Ottawa Citizen:
No one seemed to notice the significance of the attire that Maj. Nidal Hasan was wearing the morning of the killings. It was captured on a store surveillance video where he bought a coffee.... Hasan was wearing the "shalwar-kameez," the traditional attire worn by Pashtuns on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghan border....I have lived a decade in the Arab world and not once did I see an Arab wearing the shalwar-kameez. There is one particular group of Arabs who did embrace the garb of the Pashtuns - those who went to Afghanistan to wage jihad alongside al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
This guy was walking around a U.S. military installation dressed like Osama bin Laden and nobody said anything, yet the Army is being accused of intolerance and anti-Muslim bias. To repeat, according to Tarek Fatah, Hasan was not merely dressed in traditional Arab garb--he dressed in the traditional garb of al Qaeda terrorists. But the left worries about how he was affected by the combat stress of others at the base, rather than ask how Iraq and Afghanistan veterans must have felt coming across a guy dressed like this at the convenience store. He dressed like a terrorist, he went to a mosque frequented by terrorists, he emailed with terrorists, he sympathized with terrorists and he ultimately carried out an act of terror. Yet in the course of Obama's fine speech yesterday, the word terror was not mentioned once -- wouldn't want to offend anyone.
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