My, if I didn't know better, I'd think it's 2008 all over again. This morning, Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC brought us this great moment in journalism, using a well-known Photoshopped picture of Sarah Palin (used repeatedly in the original '08 systematic smear of Palin) in a bikini in his raunchy segment on why "Palin drives America wild."
Among other sexist, marginalizing hilarious reasons Ratigan came up with for why she drives us wild:
#9? "She's hot!" #6? Ratigan calls her the "ultimate capitalist" because "she'll sell anything to anybody for any reason."
Sean Hannity recently apologized for a mistake in B-roll on his show that substituted the gigantic crowds of the 9/12 rally for the smaller (but still large) crowds at Michele Bachmann's rally against the Pelosi health-care bill. I wonder when the noted "real" news organization MSNBC will make similar, professional amends for its blatant mistake.
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