Keep America Safe is joining forces with The Bravest and 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America to encourage people to attend AG Eric Holder's appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning. The hearing promises to be a major event, with Holder answering questions about his decision to bring KSM and other 9/11 plotters to New York City for trials in federal criminal courts:
AG Eric Holder will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, November 18, to testify about the administration's plan to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed back to the scene of Al Qaeda's greatest single atrocity-Ground Zero-where he will brag about the slaughter of 3,000 innocent men, women and children and his lawyers will tell a "jury of his peers" that HE is a victim of the U.S. Government. This is insanity. Please join 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America, the firefighters of and Keep America Safe in Washington, D.C. to tell Eric Holder, President Obama and their supporters in Congress: "WE WILL FIGHT YOU ALL THE WAY!"
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