Hope 'n' Change hits the line-up: The Obama '08 Mugshots Obama picks pro-life pastor Rick Warren for inauguration invocation. The Left reacts with...grace, tolerance. Obama evading presser questions is nothing new. What does the Left do when a "lump of cells" can Twitter from the womb? Isn't the ability to use social networking tools the definition of the beginning of life? Learning lessons from BB&T. Goodbye, $700 billion. Hello, $850 billion! The woman who has presided over Michigan's economy- for several years during the Bush administration, the only shrinking one in the U.S.- was rumored for Labor secretary. Mercifully, she has withdrawn herself from consideration. "The most important thing is that you have to control your vice-president." Man who threw shoes asks for pardon. Bush narrowly averts major failure of second term with a last-minute Christmas Party invite for Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
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